Upgrade Guide (explorer nodes)

This guide is intended specifically for explorer nodes.

Since we don't host snapshots for explorer DBs, some extra steps are required in order to update from V1.0.0 to V2.0.0.

Step 1 - Stop all running containers

sudo docker stop $(sudo docker ps -q)

Step 2 - Pull the latest quickstart script

cd <to quickstart.sh location>
wget -O quickstart.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PrimalDev/Nordek/master/scripts/quickstart.sh

Step 3 - Upgrade your DB using OEs upgrade tool

It is highly recommended to take a back up of your database folder before attempting!.

Follow the instruction here to upgrade from V13->V16 DBs https://github.com/openethereum/3.1-db-upgrade-tool. The data base is stored in <path to quickstart.sh>/Nordeknet/database/NordekNetwork/db/dee77c98f8210dbb/archive

Step 4 - Update Client version in env file and rerun quickstart

vim .env
Add the following (without quotes) "CLIENT=OE"
Save and exit :w :q
sudo ./quickstart.sh

Step 5 - Verify Upgrade

Check your node on our health site It should be online and the client should be "OpenEthereum//v3.2.6-stable", ensure your node is connected to peers and syncing/ in sync.

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