Boosting Nordek's Scalability

Scalability is a challenge faced by all public blockchains, including Nordek. While the Nordek blockchain is currently handling incoming transactions well, the project team acknowledges the need to prepare for potential scalability issues in the future.

To address this, the Nordek team has been actively researching options to boost scalability without compromising decentralization and security. One approach they are closely considering is the implementation of optimistic rollups. Extensive research has been conducted on available solutions such as Arbitrum and Optimism, and the team aims to provide updates to the community regarding the progress and future plans in this area.

Another area of research and development focuses on Flutter Layer 2 payments (FL2P) utilizing zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup technology. FL2P involves processing the majority of transactions within a second layer environment that incorporates ZK proofs, and periodically consolidating or "rolling up" these transactions into a single proof on the Layer 1 blockchain.

FL2P is an SDK (Software Development Kit) that enables developers to integrate ZK rollups directly into their mobile crypto wallet software. As Nordek's ecosystem places a strong emphasis on mobile-centricity, integrating FL2P into the Nordek wallet technology will facilitate scaling a significant portion of the network's transactions.

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