Nordek for Business

While the Nordek platform aims to offer a comprehensive range of features expected from a major EVM-compatible blockchain, such as wallets, decentralized finance (DeFi), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), our primary focus is on developing Nordek as an alternative payment infrastructure for the global payments industry. Our vision is to enable hundreds of millions of people worldwide to use cryptocurrencies for their everyday needs.

However, we acknowledge that the majority of consumers may not be ready to directly use the blockchain for payments, as crypto enthusiasts currently do. The complexities, frictions, and risks involved in directly managing bank accounts on-chain may deter most individuals.

Therefore, we believe that applications need to be built on top of the blockchain to provide a user experience that is seamless and familiar, similar to popular payment apps like Venmo and Revolut. These applications will leverage the underlying blockchain technology but shield users from the need to handle private keys or pay transaction fees.

In this section, we introduce the Nordek tools that businesses and organizations can already utilize to develop such user-friendly applications. These tools enable the creation of payment solutions that harness the benefits of blockchain technology while delivering a smooth and intuitive experience to users.

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