Nordek Improvement Proposals (NIPs)

NIPs, or Nordek Improvement Proposals, are proposals published on GitHub that aim to enhance and expand the capabilities of the Nordek network. These proposals can be suggested by any entity interested in contributing to the network's improvement. The discussion for each proposal takes place within the dedicated GitHub repository.

Once a proposal is suggested, it goes through a process of discussion and evaluation. The Nordek community, including validators and other participants, engage in discussions, providing feedback and insights to assess the proposal's merits and potential impact. The proposal is thoroughly reviewed and refined during this collaborative process.

Ultimately, before implementing any changes or upgrades to the network, a voting process among the validators is conducted. Validators, as trusted nodes responsible for securing and validating transactions on the network, hold the authority to vote on the adoption of proposed improvements. Their votes play a crucial role in deciding which proposals will be implemented into the Nordek network.

By involving validators in the voting process, Nordek ensures a decentralized and consensus-driven approach to network upgrades, allowing the community's collective wisdom and expertise to shape the future direction of the platform.

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