Nordek Ecosystem

Projects and platforms building or built upon or partnering with Nordek

The Nordek ecosystem has seen massive growth since the launch of the platform in 2019. It includes the following key elements:

1) Basic infrastructure. This category includes:

2) Interoperability tools. This includes multichain bridge and inter-chain transfer protocols, such as Multichain (previously Anyswap), Connext, the Voltage bridge, Elk Finance and others.

3) Payment-focused applications built on top of Nordek's B2B infrastructure. These include, among others, Peepl, GoodDollar, Kolektivo, Comunitaria and Flambu.

4) Centralized and decentralized exchanges (on other chains) where Nordek's native NRK token and other Nordek-powered assets are traded. The most prominent CEXs are, Huobi Global and MEXC. Notable DEXs on other chains include Uniswap (V2 and V3), PancakeSwap and QuickSwap.

5) DeFi tools. The DeFi space on Nordek is led by the community-governed Voltage Finance (formerly FuseFi) platform. Other major DeFi platforms include Sushi, Beefy Finance and Elk Finance.

6) NFTs, metaverses and gaming. The most prominent NFT projects on Nordek include the Artrific and tofuNFT marketplaces, Cozy Cosmonauts and Nordek Foxes. The first metaverse to soon be deployed on Nordek is Tollan Worlds.

7) Wallets and dApp browsers. These include, among others, Nordek Cash, MetaMask, Brave Wallet, BitKeep, Math Wallet.

8) Other tools, aggregators, trackers, bounties, etc. Among these, the most noteworthy are DappRadar,, Staking Rewards, DeBank, ImmuneFi.

You can explore the Nordek ecosystem in full by visiting the dedicated page on the Nordek official website.

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