Grants and Bounties

The Nordek blockchain network has been growing since its inception, thanks to the efforts of our core team. We have also developed a set of tools specifically designed to assist developers in easily and efficiently building user-friendly decentralized applications (dApps). Our focus has primarily been on payment-centric communities such as GoodDollar, Kolektivo, Comunitaria, and PeeplEat.

Now, we aim to expand the usage of our tools by supporting even more high-quality projects. To achieve this, we are pleased to introduce the Nordek Grants program, where we provide funding to eligible applicants.

​The Nordek Future Dev Pool is dedicated to supporting projects that bring value to the Nordek ecosystem and its users. We are particularly interested in new payment-centric communities with high potential, DAO initiatives, applications for new crypto users, NFTs, DeFi apps, projects that complement existing endeavors, and even innovative categories that we haven't yet considered!

While the grant process may evolve over time, currently, we announce bounties on an ongoing basis for various project categories. Please refer to the next page for the current bounties available.

Although grant terms may differ depending on the specific use case, candidates will generally be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Team Strength: Evaluation of the team's expertise through analysis of GitHub, LinkedIn profiles, and more.

  • Project Description: We do not require lengthy and detailed texts, but a clear understanding of the project and its value proposition is crucial.

  • Quality: We also assess the technical and product quality based on any work already accomplished or outlined in the product roadmap.

We invite submissions from click here to apply

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